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Florida Attorney David C.Lucey Traffic Cases Advertise

Traffic Cases Advertise

Think before you pay your ticket, because paying it is admission and adjudication of guilt on your record. If the ticket is for a moving violation, points will be assessed toward a license suspension. Finally, insurance companies may use this information as an excuse to raise your rates and take more of your money.

Although dealing with the State can be intimidating, there is an arsenal of defenses and legal strategies that can help you get a favorable outcome for your traffic tickets.

Defense Strategies and Techniques

Some of the strategies and techniques include the following:

Improper Statute or Charging Instrument : the proper statute must be written so that the officer proves the proper elements for a conviction. The facts must satisfy the elements of the statute for a proper conviction. You must be properly advised of the charges against you so that a defense may be prepared.

For some tickets the officer is required to write an explanation of how you violated the statute. Without such specificity a case may be dismissed for lack of specificity to prepare a defense.

Invalid Radar Calibration : radar logs must indicate specific dates of calibration and testing. These logs should be inspected at the trial date. If the officer does not bring the radar log, the case may be dismissed.

Invalid Pace Calibration : similar to the radar calibration, the pace clock must be calibrated as well. This should also be checked at the trial date. If the officer does not bring proof of the calibration, the case may be dismissed.

There are many more strategies and defenses which may result in a favorable outcome.

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