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Florida Attorney David C.Lucey Real Estate and Business Litigation Attorney

Real Estate and Business Litigation Attorney

Are you looking for an experienced and skilled real estate attorney in Palm Beach or Martin County? Do you want to get the best solution for business litigation anywhere from Boca Raton to Stuart? If yes, you have come at the right place. This firm offers you efficient and cost effective solutions for your real estate and business litigation needs throughout Palm Beach and Martin County. We also provide added benefits like negotiating and drafting a wide variety of contracts. In addition, you will also get some added services and benefits that include:

  • Partnership agreements and assistance in sale/purchase of real estate
  • Real estate and equipment leases and long-term supplier agreements
  • Non-compete agreements among others and employment contracts along with corporate by laws

We have handled hundreds of cases throughout Florida, and we are equipped to answer your questions and vigorously protect your legal rights.  At the Law Office of David C. Lucey, my client’s needs are my top priority.

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