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Automobile Accidents & Other Accidents

Every day Floridians are injured in automobile accidents. While many only result in minor damage, many others result in permanent injury or death.

I understand both the enormous effects car accidents can have on the lives of the victims, and the process as victims try to move forward and put their life back in order.

Choosing the right lawyer after an auto accident can make all the difference. Experience counts, and this office has two decades of dealing with accident cases, having represented both victims and insurance companies.

What Happens in a Florida Car Accident?

Immediately after a car accident you will likely deal with a variety of people, including the other driver, police, possibly emergency medical personnel, and then the insurance company. This is often a time of pain and stress. If a death has occurred, the pain and stress of survivors is immeasurable. In such a stressful and confusing time, you should obtain legal help as soon as possible from an experienced Florida automobile accident attorney.

Insurance Companies Are Not on Your Side

After an automobile accident, you will likely exchange insurance information with the other driver. Then, if the other driver was at fault, you may expect their insurance company to make things right. This is a mistake. Over the course of my career I have spent several years working for the insurance industry. Sad to say, but many in the insurance industry appear to presume that all accident victims are either frauds, or at least exaggerating their injuries. In my experience some people in the insurance industry will continue to presume the claimant is attempting to commit a fraud even in the face of clear evidence that the injuries are real, lasting and serious.

Insurance companies profit by taking in more money in premiums than they pay out in claims. A claims adjuster has a duty to his employer to provide the smallest insurance claim settlement possible after a car wreck. This why it is crucial that you obtain legal help after any accident in which there is an insurance claim.

Before you agree to anything offered or suggested by an insurance company, call The Law Office of David C. Lucey. DO NOT SIGN ANYTHING from an insurance company; you could be giving up your right to compensation. You should also insist on having your attorney present or on the phone before communicating with anyone from the insurance company. Just like the famous Miranda warning, anything you say can be used against you.


In addition to handling automobile accidents, I have extensive experience with slip and fall/trip and fall accidents, and cases involving defective conditions on property. As with automobile accidents, there is usually insurance coverage available, but you must be very careful to have legal representation when you deal with the insurance companies. If you have suffered any injury due to a hazardous condition, first see the doctor, then call the Law Office of David C. Lucey.

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