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Insurance Law Attorney

When Florida homeowners file claims with their property insurance disputes, they often encounter delays that turn into disputes. Policy holders deserve a streamlined, fair and efficient claims process and need access to benefits payments immediately, so they can begin the process of repairing damage done to their home or business and replacing damaged property or inventory.

If your insurance company is delaying or denying payments as a result of a hurricane or other catastrophe, I may be able to help you. Insurance companies may dispute claims, depending upon circumstances particular to your policy or the damage done to your home or business. A policy may lack provisions for floods or so-called "acts of God." Claims that cite multiple types of damage i.e. fire and flood damage, may result in sections of the policy to be voided which can affect the amount of money available to you. An insurance company may issue payments, but may assign a "replacement" cost that is significantly less than the real world replacement cost, leaving the policyholder to pay the difference. Insurance companies can also reduce or deny benefits by using unrealistically low damage assessments, unreasonably low labor cost estimates, and the questionable property value appraisals.

Whether you suffered damage to your home or business in a hurricane, or as a result of any other event, and you are unable to secure the benefits you believe you should receive, contact me to schedule a FREE CONSULTATION.

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