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In addition to his work as a trial attorney, Mr. Lucey is a Circuit Court Mediator, having completed a course of training required by the Florida Supreme Court. Mr. Lucey has worked as a mediator for a number of excellent firms in South Florida, including LaBovick Law Group. Some parties conduct mediation before filing suit in order to avoid litigation costs.

Click here to to view a letter from attorney Scott R. Haft, Esq. of the LaBovick Law Group, regarding Mr. Lucey's mediation services.

Welcome to The Law Office of David C. Lucey, Esq. P.A.

The Law Office of David C. Lucey, Esq. P.A. is a civil trial firm that represents clients in a variety of legal matters, including:

Defending homeowners in foreclosure cases and negotiating loan modifications for clients, allowing them to keep their homes.

Business Litigation: Mr. Lucey represents business owners in a variety of disputes. Notable cases include representing the owner of a business park in a dispute with the Village of Palm Springs water utility. The water utility attempted to raise the water rate by ten fold, however Mr. Lucey was able to negotiate a settlement. Mr. Lucey also represents business people in disputes with partners and co-owners.

Collections and Insurance Subrogation: Mr. Lucey has handled over one hundred collection matters in both County Court (amounts under $15,000.00) and in Circuit Court (amounts over $15,000.00).
In addition to representing a variety of creditors, Mr. Lucey handles subrogation/collection cases for Progressive Insurance throughout the State of Florida.

Mr. Lucey also has extensive experience in personal injury and insurance coverage cases.

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